What has been the evolution of rental prices

Rent in Spain remains at high figures due to the  What has been  general rise in prices. And Barcelona was not going to be less. Therefore, if you want to rent your apartment, it is best to have the help of experts, like those you will find at Housfy Rentals. For now, we explain to you about the evolution of rental prices in Barcelona. Rent your apartment in Barcelona and forget about worries!! Stopping collecting rent is a thing of the past.  If we see the data from RealAdvisor, the rent for a house amounts to per month, although the value ranges between and €8,500. In this case, the average price per square meter would be per year. Regarding the average rental price of an apartment , this is €1,250 per month, with the minimum at €470 and the maximum at €2,690. Likewise, the average price per square meter would beannually.

Rental regulation in Barcelona

The price of rent in Barcelona is governed by three laws, drawn up by the Parliament of Catalonia and the Government of Spain . Through these Laws, the price is regulated and managed to maintain a balanced market. Two of the Laws have effect throughout Spain, they are the following: Urban Leasing Law (LAU). It regulates all aspects of the rental of real estate in Spain. Housing Law. Approved in it limits rental prices and manages evictions, among other Albania Phone Number List issues. Rental Price Regulation Law The third is the Rental Price Regulation Law , implemented in Catalonia. However, the rulings of the Constitutional Court in declared some articles of the Law related to this rental price limit unconstitutional.

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How much has the price of rent increased in Barcelona?

Over the last few years, the rental price trend in Barcelona has experienced ups and downs . Until the start of the pandemic, in the first months of, the average price increased progressively, with occasional drops that managed to stabilize at the end of . Already in the average price increased during the first months and subsequently decreased, except for the rebound in September of that same year. It is understandable, since it was that same month when the Rental Australia Phone Number Price Regulation Law was approved. From then on, and until , the law contributed to the fall in rental prices . A trend that has continued to this day. Recommended reading: How much do real estate agencies charge rental commission?  Looking ahead to, rental prices in Barcelona could continue to rise.

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