B2B marketing trends in 2019

Buyers of the B2B segment, like B2C customers, seek an individual approach and a positive purchase impression. That’s why more B2B marketers are using different technologies to deliver highly personalized customer experiences aimed at winning trust and building long-term relationships. Recent CMI research predicts continued growth in content marketing spending. Only 4% of B2B marketers intend to reduce their content marketing budget in 2019, while about a third intend to maintain their spending levels. And, accordingly, more than half intend to increase it. The main part of expenses is content, in particular audio and visual.

Positive social reinforcement

The Internet has become the great equalizer in the world of marketing. Online customer reviews Phone Number List can make or break your product. Your rating for a product or service, whether it’s on Facebook, Google, or your own business page, has a significant impact on your reputation (and sales figures). Statistics confirm this: 97% of customers note that they pay attention to people’s ratings when making a purchase decision; but the impact doesn’t stop there — 92% of consumers hesitate before making a purchase if a company doesn’t have customer reviews.

B2B business transactions are often more valuable

Virtual and augmented reality are no longer concepts from Clean Email science fiction. Most businesses are just starting to explore VR/AR as a marketing platform, while some big brands and retailers have been using the technology for a long time. Due to its experiential nature, VR / AR provides a wide space for B2B marketers to reposition their products, services and ideas to customers. In one recent example of how the technology is making its way into the world of marketing, tech brand Cisco used AR to create a virtual exhibition that customers could “visit”.

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