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How to view the parameters automatically collected in GA4 reports To view the automatically collected parameters, you need to go to Reports > Engagement > Events, then click on one of them (e.g., page_view) Those displayed here are correctly set up and triggered. Otherwise, you will have to do a custom setup. How to view the parameters automatically collected in GA4 reports Custom parameters Custom parameters allow capturing information that is not collected by default. Depending on the type of event, Google recommends a set of parameters: List of parameters for enhanced measurement events. List of parameters for recommended events. As you can see, most of the parameters require personalized configuration.

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Both automatically collected events and enhanced measurement events come with default parameters. However, the latter often requires custom DB to Data configuration in many cases. Custom parameters: These parameters allow you to collect information. That is not captured by default. events and custom events. Where custom configuration is required. Automatically collected parameters. When you create a GA4 property, the following parameters. Which provide supplementary information about the events. Are automatically collected by GA4: language page. Location page_referrer page_title screen_resolution. Automatically collected parameters Check the list of automatic parameters provided by GA4 for automatically collected events.

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For instance, a user views a product or adds an item to the cart. With event parameters, you can create settings that describe the product they are viewing or the product they are adding to Clean Emai the cart, such as the name, the page, the link, the method or the price. You can use parameters to create custom dimensions and metrics that will improve how you analyze your website performance. You can add up to 25 parameters for each event.  to 40 characters, and the value assigned to each must be 100 characters or fewer. Event parameter types in GA4 There are two types of event parameters in GA4, depending on how they are captured by the tool: Automatically collected parameters: GA4 automatically captures a set of parameters.

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