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The real estate crisis is a recurring theme David Gordo these days after the sales data obtained during and the situation that arises for both in real estate and financial terms.  Sell ​​your house getting more for less Paying a lot to receive little is a thing of the past.  This reason, in our Blog he details in managing commercial networks traditional and proptech models.

Uncertainty in the purchase and sale of real estate

There is no doubt about the uncertainty that currently exists in the buying and selling market . The rise in interest rates on mortgages and the increase in home prices in recent years, among many other factors or sell a home in this final stretch. In particular  that buyers adopt Georgia Phone Number List in these times purchase, they prefer to wait to apply for a mortgage and buy their property ,” says David. Fat. Recommended reading: Euribor forecast inAre variable mortgages going to rise.

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A real estate crisis in 2022?

Contrary to what is currently believe, the situation of the real estate market does not meet sufficient conditions for a new real estate crisis to occur. David indicates that this fact is very clear “if we compare ng the economic  crisis of where family e crisis. Supply , that is, a lot of interest Estonia Phone Number in buying properties and  occurring. The procedure that the real estate bubble follows is cyclical auses housing prices to rise. David is very clear in his answer: “no.” And apparently, “ what the real estate bubble ultimately does is

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