Where can I request occupancy certificates

Presenting the certificate of habitability in Barcelona is mandatory , but not knowing where to apply for it complicates the process. At Housfy we can help you with this management and with the sale of your home thanks to our professionals. Keep reading to discover where to request occupancy certificates in Barcelona. Sell ​​your house getting more for less Paying a lot to receive little is a thing of the past. GET INFORMED FOR FREE What is a certificate of occupancy?  this document is essential for two occasions: Sell ​​or rent a home. Hire electricity, water and gas services from supply companies.

How to get a certificate of occupancy

Obtaining a certificate of habitability in Barcelona is a relatively simple and essential process. If you sell a house in Barcelona , ​​the people who can request the ID are: The person who owns the home. A representative of the owner with an authorization. In Barcelona, ​​the body Dominican Republic Phone Number List responsible for managing the habitability certificate is the Barcelona Housing Consortium. You must make an appointment to process the document through the Housing You Call portal , a service of Barcelona City Council created to offer general information and carry out procedures regarding housing. Steps to follow to obtain habitability certificates in Barcelona To request the processing of the certificate of habitability in Barcelona, ​​the steps to follow are: Make an appointment with the personalized attention service Home calls you.

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Price of the occupancy certificate

Regarding the price of the certificate of habitability , the value varies depending on the home. Depending on the type of occupancy, the amount of the fee to pay will be one or the other. Below, we show you the different prices in Barcelona: Certificate of China Phone Number habitability for new occupancy  first occupancy : Certificate for 1 new home: .  Recommende reading: Personal income tax home sale calculator: how much do I have to pay? Requirements for Barcelona habitability certificates One of the most popular and important questions among sellers is what is needed to obtain the certificate of occupancy in Barcelona? The answer may vary depending on the type of home, as we have been saying throughout the article. DNI of the owner. DNI of the representative, if applicable.

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